During the epidemic period and outbreak, most of the entrances and exits in public and working places requires body temperature taking as a method to prevent and control the epidemic. This step is usually taken through the basic and manual body temperature measuring devices. The devices somehow range from a wide variety of expensive commercial infrared thermometer scanners to high-tech thermal camera solutions.

Thus, these methods require additional manpower and cost whilst it is also highly dependent on its staff self discipline. On the other hand, the manual temperature measurement by any manpower would lead to inefficiency, inaccuracy as well as the increase of the risk of cross infection.

i-Thermal Pro

I-Thermal Pro is an automatic body temperature measurement and reporting system. It functions as a zero-contact temperature measurement and recording system. Besides, its light weighted device makes the device more portable and easy to deploy in every location.

The key function and benefit of I-Thermal Pro is its automatic body temperature measurement system where it comes with real time notification and history recordability.

We focus on efficient temperature detection with an alert and reporting system, for monitoring every entrant on each location at real time. The system also further supports easy monitoring in each location and provides fast response and track record for easy follow up action to be implemented.

Current Methods & Results

  • Manpower concerns – Additional Manpower (Human Error and self-discipline basis)
  • Time Consuming
  • Risk on infection increasing by increased human contact
  • Manual recording/Log book
  • Device Reliability
  • Manpower increase on multi location control and Challenge of controlling

How it Works ?

Real Time Recording

Face to the camera and detect body temperature and face mask

Real Time Notification

Detect person with abnormal temperature and alarm attention

Real Time Reporting & Management

Real-time and historical record to the management platform

Product Demonstration

Management Platform

Detail of Visitors List

(Including device/building information, time and face record)

Real Time Backend Alert

(Notification and ticketing system for suspect)

Email System for Suspect Face Capture

(Email Alert of Abnormal Visitors)

Query Function

(Report Format by Email or System export)

Query Function

(Single location and Multi location management)

Query Function

(Device Management)

Product Specification

Person comparison1:1
Recognition time≤ 500 ms
Face recognition rate99.7%
Error rate≤ 0.3%
Rejection rate≤ 0.3%
Recognition distance30 cm ~ 1.5 m
Camera- Dynamic HD, 2MP
- Frame rate [TBC Hz]
Thermal sensor- Infrared resolution 32 x 32
- Field Of View 33° x 33°
- Operating Voltage 5V
- Operating Temperature -20°c ~ 65°c
- Measurement accuracy + - 0.3°c
- Measurement Distance 0.4 m ~ 0.8 m
Fill lightSupported
Human inductionSupported
Face filtering methodBiggest face
No. of people captured simultaneously1 person
Face registration methodPortal import / Local import / or Disable
Screen7 inches, Resolution 1024 x 600
ProcessorRK3288, Quad-core 1.8GHz
Storage2 GB RAM, Storage 16G
ConnectivitySupport Wired network, WiFi, 4G Network (Optional)
SoftwareAndroid 6.0.1
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